The World’s Best Parkour and Freerunning 2013

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StuntsAmazing says:

All song names are in the description?

DJ A.H. (Official Channel) says:


Daniel Roman says:

whats the point of doing all this jumping and twisting in the air. its so
stupid. All fun and games till someone miss a step and fall down the
building. ?

Strider Hien says:

Can someone enlighten me?
Although I can wallrun much higher walls than these guys and do five steps
running walls sideways, I REALLY envy and praise acrobatic flips/flippers.
But the fact is although I can jump really high and do advanced kicking
techniques I can’t manage to do any kind of flip at all (including back
handsprings): can someone help me with tips?
As a martial artist, the only acrobatic move I learned myself to do is the
kickup (rising handspring) to get up.
There’s no proper place to train and learn these kinds of flips where I
live (like gymnastics gyms) and no matter what I do I can’t even manage a
backflip due to not overcoming the fear: everytime I try a backflip on the
mattress I ALWAYS end up jumping slightly backwards and awkwardly bent.
No matter what I try, I always end up falling awkwardly on my face.
This makes me really frustrated because I feel I’m wasting my jumping
potential and I feel incomplete as a martial artist.?

JManthegamerdude says:

Cops must ABSOLUTELY LOATHE chasing these guys lol?

mazaisvilijs says:

I can do splits?

Toaster Coaster says:

what a magnificent video?

TheJarmen07 / AFK For Collage says:

the 2012 was much better ?

Kimberly Fong says:

ok they are just a bunch of showoffsssss
they act like everyone can fly
poop faces?

friesguy5467 says:

Almost hurled when that guy did a flip on first person view. Oh wait it’s
just the milk I was drinking .-.?

Umesh Hinglajia says:

I wish i could do that?

erkal yashko says:

w0w ;dd?

bhawana Juyal says:

you guys are amazing..FEARLESS..!!?

Justme Noone says:

Awesome, you guys traveling around the world going to the most beautiful
parkour spots and filming it. A piece of art. love it!?

007vloggers says:

love the skills and DUBSTEP?

Robert L says:

Kimberly fong you said thy where showoffs and poop faces you stink then
because they can do that and you can’t your so jellies

Imani L says:

These could rob banks?!??

cameron cawdron says:

It’s realy good I’m just wondering how you jump so high?

Andy Huynh says:

should be in the movies.?

Girom Christian Calica says:

Assassins and Runners?

Leandro kilp says:


Paul Christopher says:

Beautiful expression of emotion through incredible athleticism…pure?

Mirko Caruso says:

Jesse le flair *-*

johnnytokes1 says:

How can someone dislike this these guys and girls do things that some can
only dream of! I would hate to if i had nothing i was good at!?

Jake EGM- says:


cosmel villalobos says:

you guy are simply amazing! there is no other way to describe it!!! Keep it
up and keep on inspiring us!?

Wiser Charles says:

U guys off the chain?

Benton Mccauley says:

Hey StuntAmazing, could you actually do a flip off of the chains??

HitTigers says:

this is the best pakour and freeruning video of my life.?

averagegamer53 says:

The difference between free running and parkour. Free running has all the
flips and tricks some people like me dont want to do for fear of breaking
our necks. Parkour is getting away and not getting cocky in the process?

XxFalloutxXNOM says:


Dominik Nucum says:

Justin beiber at the beginning ?

kacper smarzewski says:

*Looks in description, And dosen’t see Glad You Came*
Well, This guy got his songs wrong :l?

Daria Ditri says:

I’m so scared for them!?

D3M0NH3R0 says:

Damn that guys is on fire! literally…. 1:17?

freakingminecraftian says:

assassin’s creed parkour?

Hara Daichi says:

I wish there was a hollywood movie based on these freerunning.?

Kevin Tong says:

Now start doing 2014!!?

Iqra Yaqoob says:

0:03 – 0:14 Can someone tell me who that is or give me a link to there

Dany danon says:


TreyBermudez says:

were is 2014

get it?

Neo Moyotl says:

What’s the first song called?

Baby Pizza says:

I can’t watch this. I cringe at the thought of tripping on concrete and
scraping my knee.?

motaro OO says:

in 5:32 there is a Dead person staring under the tree …and in 6:59 i
think u didn’t care about the Warning :O… [in 7:36 is the highest Jump in
this Vid]….. :*)?

Tao Austin says:

i am a huge fan of parkour and i hope to be like you guys good luck on
future events?

Dylan Hill says:

Kimberly Fong. It takes years of practise and hard work to get that good.
They have every right to show their moves. Have some respect?

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